Petrol filters

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The petrol filter protects the engine fuel system (carburettor or injector) by removing any impurities from the fuel. Filtered fuel helps to increase performance and engine service life.

Located between the pump and the injectors, petrol filters screen out all particles larger than 8 microns. In an electronic injection system, the petrol filter must withstand pressures of up to 6 bar and guarantee a filtration threshold of between 3 and 5 microns.

TECNOCAR has responded to the operational requirements of periodic filter replacement by developing product lines equipped with “quick” connections that allow filter replacement without the use of tools and with maximum reliability. To ensure high levels of performance and filter quality, TECNOCAR products are manufactured by fully automated high-performance assembly plants. Each component is individually tested to ensure product safety requirements.

The TECNOCAR petrol filter range is also compatible with the newly approved biofuels.

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