Cabin filters

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Due to the increase in global traffic and worsening of pollution levels, we are exposed to attack from the various pollutants that enter the interior of the vehicle through the ventilation or air conditioning ducts. Prolonged exposure to high levels of pollution can have a detrimental effect on the health of vehicle occupants.

Over time, microorganisms accumulate in the passenger compartment, endangering the health and safety of passengers. The high concentration of bacteria in the interior (up to 8 times more than normal) can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes, excessive tearing, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions.

The function of cabin filters is therefore essential for the comfort and health of the driver and passengers. The anti-pollen effect screens out even the smallest particles that could enter the lungs and thus cause asthma or allergies.

In addition, passenger compartment filters with activated carbon are also available, which not only filter out external particles but also odours. The filter surface consists of three layers: a layer of activated carbon between two layers of synthetic fibres. A combined filter (which filters out both particles and gases) reduces the concentration of harmful gases that cause headaches and coughs.

TECNOCAR offers a comprehensive range of passenger compartment filters, offering the most suitable technology for each type of vehicle.

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