Air filters

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The air filter can be compared to the lungs in a car. It is designed to eliminate dust contained in the air sucked in by the engine. Depending on its capacity, an engine at full speed can suck in between 200 and 500 cu.m of air per hour. This air contains a variable amount of impurities depending on the geographical area, climatic conditions, road surface, etc. If dust is not filtered out, it can lead to premature engine wear

To guarantee the high level of performance and quality of its filters, TECNOCAR relies on advanced expertise in both design and industrial production.

TECNOCAR recommends replacing the air filter at least once a year, preferably together with the oil filter. This is because regular replacement of the air filter guarantees:

  • Maintaining vehicle performance and economy
  • Optimum engine response
  • A more protected and less polluting engine

The TECNOCAR range of quality air filters covers virtually all vehicles on the road in Europe today.

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