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SOGEFI Group has a range of famous brands in the Independent Aftermarket: PURFLUX, FRAM®, COOPERSFIAAM and TECNOCAR. These brands are aimed at different distribution channels and each enjoys a strong reputation in their respective territories.

The products of the TECNOCAR brand, created in Italy in 1964, have the qualities common to all the SOGEFI Group brands: presence in the original equipment market, access to the Group’s patents andPhoto 3D packaging innovations. The brand offers a coverage rate of more than 95% for each range of filters produced, including a complete range for light commercial vehicles. It is, therefore, known as «la scelta del professionista» (the professional’s choice) in the Italian filter market.

In 2022, TECNOCAR expands internationally and takes advantage of this development to modernise itself. The brand becomes TECNOCAR Filter (instead of «Filtri»), and launches its new packaging from November. The new packaging offers improvements to make the daily life of aftermarket professionals easier: Labels with a colour code and pictograms for immediate identification of the product family, A QR code allowing to identify in a few seconds all the applications covered, the cross lists and the dimensions of the product.

This packaging obviously complies with the latest European regulations in terms of recycling, thus facilitating the latter.

The international deployment of TECNOCAR illustrates SOGEFI’s will to offer each distributor an ever more complete range of products that meet the needs of each market segment.